Our Phlebotomists

Max Lab’s key differentiator – Our Phlebotomists

It is safe to assume that the love of needles does not run in everyone’s veins. People of different age groups will admit their apprehensions of getting their blood withdrawn for any test. Perhaps it’s the fear of the sharp objects or the cringe at the sight of the blood. But blood collection for tests
continues to be the common method to diagnose potential risk of a disease.

A phlebotomist is a technician who draws blood from a patient’s body for laboratory testing. The right tube, right spot, right way of drawing blood, clotting the puncture at the right time and rushing the sample to the lab to not delay the centrifugation – all together makes up for phlebotomy. What differentiates our phlebotomists from others – is empathy. Many patients are a bit nervous before walking into the room to give their blood samples. Our phlebotomists make the patients feel at ease, explain the procedure and calm their fears.

Meet Our Phlebotomists


Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar

With 15 years of rich experience, Vinod excels in phlebotomy. Among one of his best days at work was the day when he took blood sample of a new born in one prick.

While service is his first priority, he believes reading books in leisure time makes him a better person!


Birju comes with an experience of 4 years in phlebotomy. Birju seeks to become adept in his profession.

Being a cricket lover, he believes passion can beat any obstacle!